Renewable Heat Pumps are an all year round solution

One of the most reliable and energy-efficient ways to control the temperature within your premises is to install an air source heat pump. Even in colder climates, top of the range ASHP heating systems can convert cool air into heat energy to warm up your building and make the environment more comfortable for you, your family or your employees. In fact, heat pump systems can be up to four times more efficient than traditional alternatives, such as radiators or boilers. If you’re looking for a heat pump installation, then you needn’t look further than GEM. We supply only the highest-quality ASHP heating equipment from the popular Mitsubishi range, chosen by our heat pump installers because of its energy efficiency and quiet operation. 

To improve the air quality within your home or business building, the heat pumps use Nano Platinum filters to collect and remove dust from the air.

Why choose renewable heat pumps

  • Energy Efficient by reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Installation, Servicing & Maintenance
  • Reduce Your Heating Costs – Cheaper to run then boiler
  • Acts as AC for when cooling is required
  • Lower maintenance then boiler systems

High performance systems with low running costs

Modern building design involves more glass and less heat loss. In most applications, air conditioning is a necessity not a luxury. Improved air quality with regulated temperature control creates an improved working and living environment. This in turn increases productivity and reduces sickness.As a Mitsubishi Diamond Quality Partner, we can provide installation of top performing equipment. Each model is highly energy efficient and complies with the Eco-design Directive for Energy Related Products. With advanced inverter technology, the units are quieter, more reliable and operate at lower costs than ever before..

You can even set your preferred temperature with just the push of a button with the I-Save mode models. For more information about the impressive Mitsubishi range, get in touch with us at GEM. 

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